Lufthansa Aviation Training said they will purchase a new Boeing 777-9 cabin emergency evacuation trainer from Dubai-based Spatial.

The trainer, which is still in production, would be delivered to its Frankfurt facility in early 2020, the German company said.

Lufthansa also ordered a B777X Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer from Spatial in March.

LAT said the 777-9 purchase was part of a large investment in safety and service training which would go into the "millions". An A350 Cockpit Emergency Exit Hatch was among the new equipment bought for its Munich site, while a fire-fighting trainer had recently been delivered to its Zurich facility.

LAT said it also planned to expand its VR training, but didn't specify where. The company opened VR hubs at its Frankfurt and Munich locations in April. Each has nine VR cabins, allowing Lufthansa to train around 18,500 flight attendants using VR every year.