TRU Simulation + Training has signed an agreement with Cathay Pacific Airways to provide three new flight simulation training devices.

TRU Simulation will provide a Boeing 777-9 full flight simulator, a 777-9 flight training device and an A320neo FFS. The 777-9 FFS will be one of the first in the world provided to an airline.

Cathay’s Head of Simulator John McCormick said over 60 new aircraft will join its fleet over the next five years. He said training devices were necessary.

"The need for full flight simulators that are capable of fully replicating the actual aircraft on the ground will be essential in training and qualifying pilots to fly them," he said.

"TRU Simulation’s FFS devices are state-of-the-art and we are confident this partnership will allow us to maintain our dedication to aviation excellence and continue to deliver the highest standard of training to our pilots."

Boeing selected TRU in 2016 as exclusive simulator supplier on the 777-9 program. It is the world’s largest and most fuel-efficient twin-engine jet.

Two 777-9 full flight training suites for Boeing’s Gatwick and Singapore training centers are under development at TRU’s Montreal facility.

Boeing are helping TRU on its flight training simulator development program ahead of the 777-9 aircraft’s entry into service.

"As the exclusive supplier to Boeing on the 777-9, we’re proud to provide the highest standards of innovation, quality, fidelity and safety to Cathay Pacific’s training programs," said George Karam, Vice President and General Manager of TRU’s Air Transport Simulation division.