Greek airline Orange2fly has obtained an EASA Approved Training Organization (ATO) certification.

This initial certification from the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (EL-ATO-017) contains approvals for AIRBUS A320 Initial Type Rating training, Revalidation and Renewal, MCC, CCQ to A320. It also includes Type Rating Instructor and Synthetic Flight Instructor training. 

"The establishment of Orange2fly ATO increases our capabilities and services and marks a significant step in growing the company’s presence in the aviation industry, not only in Greece, but also worldwide," said Olga Ziaka, the company's Accountable Manager.

The airline is based in Athens, Greece, and carries out worldwide operations in Wet Lease (ACMI) and Charter business. It operates under a Hellenic CAA Air Operator Certificate (AOC) in accordance with the European Aviation Safety Agency Regulation (EASA).

Orange2fly ATO operates within Orange2fly Organisation as a separate unit. Its instructor and examiner team consists of active pilots with thousands of hours on the A320 fleet.