Spanish flight academy FLYBYSCHOOL has been awarded FNPT II MCC certification for its Entrol en-4000 simulator.

FLYBYSCHOOL is the launching customer for Entrol's new en-4000 simulator, which features SEP, MEP and JET configurations.

The simulator's SEP and MEP configurations have dual GTN 650 for PBN and LPV courses which can be switched between glass and analog cockpit.

The JET configuration is very close to an A320. It has dual MCDU, complex overhead, ECAM, throttle quadrant with trim wheels and optional sidesticks.

"We developed this simulator with our customers in mind," said Nacho Navacerrada, Entrol's business manager. "To provide them with the best training tool for the best price for their IR-SE, IR-ME, ATPL and APS MCC courses."

FLYBYSCHOOL is an internationally-recognized flight academy located in León, Spain. They offer EASA Integrated Course for international students planning careers as professional airline pilots.

Based in Madrid, Entrol develops and manufactures helicopter and fixed-wing FNPT and FTD simulators.