English-based duo VA Airline Training (VA) and Ultimate High Academy (UHA) will deliver a new joint Multi-pilot Aircraft (MPA) ‘Airline Ready’ programme after signing a training alliance.

Trainees completing Airline Pilot Standards (APS) MCC courses with Cambridge Airport-based VA, will progress onto an Advanced MPA Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) course with UHA at Goodwood Airport.

The jointly designed programme, which will be discussed at EATS 2019 in Berlin from Oct 29-30, builds a continuum of multi-pilot competencies for newly qualified pilots prior to commencing their first aircraft type rating training with an airline partner.

The jointly delivered MPA APS MCC and UPRT programme will be delivered through an inaugural airline sponsored programme within days of the new EASA Regulations going live.

UHA’s Advanced MPA UPRT is delivered in the Slingsby T67 Firefly. It uses the same multi-pilot techniques, processes and strategies developed during VA’s APS MCC training.

The combined programme develops the pilot’s core competencies in readiness for Type Rating and line operations.

"To form a training alliance together to deliver this regulated multi-pilot aircraft training felt like a totally natural thing for us to do," said Anthony Petteford, Managing Director for VA Airline Training.

Ultimate High

The two companies expected the majority of customers for the new programme will be airline employers requiring newly qualified pilots to be as fully prepared for aircraft type rating training and initial line training. However, the programme will also be available to individuals who want to meet the new regulatory requirements.

"We have championed the need for truly integrated UPRT programmes rather than treat the challenge as a standalone checkbox," said Mark Greenfield, CEO at Ultimate High Academy.

"To have the on-aircraft training delivered in a genuine multi-pilot environment that mirrors the techniques and approach used in the APS MCC should materially improve crews’ ability to deal with flight upsets.”