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Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) is launching virtual reality developed by Bolverk XR to enhance its cabin crew training on emergency landing procedures. 

SAS has followed the technology trends for a long time and believe that by training in VR scenarios, crew will receive improved and realistic training that will be more effective. Real-life scenarios and challenges can be trained repeatedly in a safe environment through virtual reality.

Chief Cabin Crew Instructor Lene-Marie Nissen, said:

“From 2020, we will introduce VR in all courses in cabin crew training for door opening, arming, disarming including slide, raft and SOP. The repetition of SOP and drills in this realistic environment will give cabin crew a robust and improved training.

"We see that it is possible to train the same scenario for different aircraft models over and over again in VR which will dramatically improve the competency of each crew. Furthermore, we can now train and evaluate all students individually while training cooperation between the entire crew compared to one scenario in a mock up case with a group of students.

"Also, I definitely see that SAS in the future will expand training in VR to other aspects, such as ex. firefighting, security search, equipment location, medical training, mock up cases etc.

"SAS team is very excited about following the VR trends in the future and to be a part of this journey towards new technology and advanced training for Crew."

With a background in the airline industry and extensive experience in the VR industry, Bolverk XR excels in creating immersive real-time simulations with the latest cable-free VR technology on the market.

For more information on Bolverk XR’s training offerings, please click here.