L3Harris Technologies has provided 10 L3Harris Pilot Pathways Female Scholarships for 2019 towards the cost of the company’s Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License (APTL) training.

"We are passionate about encouraging more women onto the flight deck," said Geoff van Klaveren, Vice President, L3Harris’ Airline Academy. "It’s a significant issue for the industry and we are committed to showcasing the career among a wider group."

A recent survey revealed there are 7,049 female pilots, which account for 5.2% of the global pilot workforce.

L3 female scholarship recipient Olivia Clarke believed the number of female pilots was going to increase.

"This scholarship has provided women with the motivation to consider becoming a pilot, as well as the means,” she said. "I can’t wait to advance my dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot.”

Another scholarship recipient, Miryam Ley, highlighted the need for more female pilot role models.

"Until I came across a female pilot’s social media profile, I had not considered a career as a pilot. Because you never think of yourself in a role unless you see someone you can relate to in it.

"I hope to be a role model that can inspire other young women to consider it as an exciting and viable career opportunity."

The announcement came on the opening day of EATS 2019 in Berlin.