FlightSafety International introduces FlightSmart, a fully integrated training tool developed in conjunction with IBM. FlightSmart is designed to increase training effectiveness and enhance safety through automated, intelligent and objective training.


“FlightSmart will set a new higher standard for personalized, highly-effective pilot training,” said David Davenport, president & CEO. “This revolutionary new approach employs Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to evaluate a pilot’s ability while performing critical tasks and maneuvers during all phases of flight.  FlightSmart is then used to create a customized corrective action training path that addresses any identified deficiencies in order to increase proficiency and mastery.”

FlightSafety has received a contract for FlightSmart from the United States Air Force Air Education and Training Command (AETC). It is for implementation of FlightSmart at Columbus AFB on 16 T-6A training devices, including Initial and Operational Flight Trainers. FlightSmart will collect and analyze pilot performance data in order to improve instructor utilization and student proficiency advancement. The contract includes options to expand to other AETC bases that operate the aircraft.

With FlightSmart, instructors will have a comprehensive understanding of a pilot’s strengths and weaknesses through access to real time data, which objectively measures performance against the highest standard parameters. This is accomplished using advanced analytics and data collection from virtually any training medium.

FlightSmart enables instructors to proactively address any deficiencies by optimizing the training curriculum and focusing on areas that need improvement, as opposed to repetitive actions rooted in a fixed syllabus. This facilitates a departure from qualitative-based instruction toward evidence and competency-based training.

FlightSmart provides a foundation for adaptive learning and student-specific insights. It is ideal for use during training of new and experienced pilots who fly both commercial and military aircraft. The use of FlightSmart will be expanded in the future to include aircraft maintenance technicians, operators of Unmanned Systems, and others.