Education and training is one of the keys to a successful community paramedicine movement, according to Matt Goudreau, director of clinical services for EasCare Ambulance in Massachusetts.

Goudreau gave a webinar hosted by the International Roundtable on Community Paramedicine in July titled Simulations for Success.

The presentation discussed Goudreau’s recent experience in training a community paramedicine group through the use of simulations.

The program helped Commonwealth Care Alliance provide patients with options after normal business hours other than visiting an emergency department or waiting until the next day. To do this, four advanced care paramedics, a clinical director, an operations director, a logistics director and an EMS company medical director were provided for a community paramedicine program.

To train for this program, Goudreau set up a somewhat rigorous training course of four simulations over four hours and two hours for skills training.

The course was meant to provide education in the functions that the paramedics would need to complete during the in-home visits, including IV and IM medication administration, IV placement with ultrasound, behavioral needs assessments and end of life care.

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