A medical school partnership between the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, The Medical Center and Western Kentucky University has the potential to positively affect everything from the local economy to patient care in Bowling Green.

UK announced in February it would expand its medical school through a partnership with the hospital and WKU. Medical school students will attend classes here in Bowling Green in a new building on the campus of The Medical Center. The medical degree will be conferred by UK, and a certain number of slots in the program here will be available first to WKU students.

From its humble beginnings as City-County Hospital on Bowling Green’s Hospital Hill to today’s Med Center Health, the multi-tiered organization with facilities spanning throughout several southcentral Kentucky counties continues to transform Bowling Green and the region. A medical school here will be a crown jewel for the community.

“We believe the medical school will bring about an unprecedented level of commitment to delivering the best in evidence-based care to patients throughout our region,” Connie Smith, president and CEO of Med Center Health, said in an email.

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