There were more than 40 people listening to Danville Life Saving Crew executive director Tommy Pruett explain what plethysmography and capnography mean on Friday morning.

It was part of his instruction on vital signs for the first day of the fifth annual Super C.E. weekend, held on the first weekend after the Super Bowl, to offer continuing education to emergency medical services officials and those who needed the training.

Sessions included vital signs, bleeding control, respiratory distress and more.

The Danville Area Training Center — affiliated with the Danville Life Saving Crew — is nearing completion on an expansion project aimed to offer more classes for the community.

Painters were walking around Thursday still working to make everything neat for the facility’s official grand opening in May.

“Danville Area Training Center is a spinoff of the Danville Life Saving Crew,” said Chief Robbie Woodall. “We identified a need in the early 2000s” to have a training facility.

In 2003, the first building was erected to train crew members and store equipment, Woodall said. In 2010, they saw a need for more training classes closer to people’s homes and jobs.

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