With today’s technology, we have medical research, journals, health documents, and healthcare professionals at our fingertips. Our smartphones and tablets can hold all the information found all over the web and written out in over thousands of books. With that said, we have made our complete list of the most essential medical apps every medical professional, physician, or patient should have on their phone.


Medscape MedPulse

Medscape Medpulse A medical news app available for IOS and android filled with everything you need and want to know in the world of medicine. This online portable is filled with articles written specifically for healthcare professions, medical students,and physicians.



Epocrates is a reference tool available for healthcare professionsls. Ohysicians can review drug subscriptions, check for drug to drug interactions, access news, find provicer and referrals, perform calculations, communicate through HIPAA-compliant messaging.




Also available for android and IOS users, Uptodate allows physicians to stay connected with the latest medical news, advancements and support. The app allows healthcare professionals to ask and answer questions anytime and anywhere.




John Hopkins ABX Guide

Available for Android and IOS, the Johns Hopkins ABX guide is a comprehensive online and mobile portal with relevant, up-to-date, resources written by experts on infectious diseases, drugs, and pathogens.




Doximity is the largest network for medical professionals in the US. The app let’s physicians communicate through HIPPA-secure communication, receive curated news, and search for colleagues, specialists, career opportunities, and more.



Virtual Practice

The app allows physicians to stay connected with patients and their respective health data. Features include access to patient health records, answer questions, health monitoring, video consultations, and appointment management.




For quicker diagnosis, Isabel allows healthcare professionals to search for possible diagnoses from various databases. Isabel’s features and allows results to be modified and refined to have multiple diagnoses to consider.





Micromedex is a pharmaceutical reference app that allows you to search the name of specific drugs and find the proper drug dosage. You can also search any potential side effects as well as drug recommendations.



Red Cross’ official First Aid

This app provides step-by-step instructions to help you through various First Aid incidents. An added feature of the app is its safety tips to help you through natural disasters.




MyChart allows you access your medical records straight from your smart phone. This app tells you the date of your last doctors appointment, which vaccinations you’ve had and even what prescriptions you’re taking. An added perk is that you can schedule appointments straight from the app.




This app provides the similar features of the WebMD website while also offering users the ability to set medication schedules and check for local physicians. The app also lets you set personal health goals.




On the eAmita app you can see a provider for non-emergency care through a videochat on your smartphone. Your provider will help diagnose your condition and even send a prescription to the pharmacy.



Ask the Midwife

This app is the first health app designed by registered midwives. Ask the Midwife app will help anyone from expectant mothers to grandparents with any concerns throughout the pregnancy.




Finding a doctor you trust and lives nearby can be difficult but ZocDoc makes it easier for patients to find and book appointments with a neighborhood doctor within your insurance network