Last October, the Medical University of South Carolina began its 13th year of the Senior Mentor Program, in which the 180 members of the College of Medicine Class of 2020 were introduced to their 90 Senior Mentors.

Dr. Heather Boger, PhD who is the director of the College of Medicine Senior Mentor Program and the MUSC Center on Aging, described the program as eye opening for the students because they realize that senior patients are active, busy and engaged individuals.

The MUSC Senior Mentor Program pairs every medical student with an individual age 65 and older living in the Charleston area, as part of their geriatric medical training. A unique aspect of this program is that the medical students work with their senior mentors for the duration of their medical education at MUSC.  Over the four years of education, the students meet with their mentor twice a year to discuss various topics associated with aging, including fall risk, nutrition, medication reconciliation, and advance care planning.

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