Whether or not you're a medical professional, it can be beneficial to have the skills necessary to help during a medical emergency. Thanks to a group of EMT's and paramedics, individuals can now sign up for low cost medical emergency classes at www.cprfirstaidaedcertification.com. Some of the classes offered include first aid, CPR and AED training.

Training is open for the public to attend at Salt Lake Community College Miller Campus. Instructors are also willing to travel to accommodate the various groups and organizations within the community. Every instructor is either an experienced paramedic or EMT so participants can expect to learn a lot from their real life experiences in the field.

Participants in these classes have the option to add additional training such as CPR for infants and children, as well as choking. Classes can be expected to last around 4 hours and are available on weeknights and Saturday mornings.

In the case of a serious injury or illness (cardiac arrest, stroke, etc.), ambulances may not arrive in time, which makes having the training to handle these situations important for everyone to have.

Refer to their website to find a training schedule that works best for you: www.cprfirstaidaedcertification.com