Mednax’s Innovative Mobile Simulation Program is expanding after receiving accreditation from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. Mednax, the national health solutions partner specializing in anesthesiology, neonatology, maternal-fetal medicine, other pediatric services, radiology, and management services, will offer training at non-affiliated facilities who lack the availability of technology across the nation.

Innovative Mobile Simulation Program

What distinguishes this simulation program from the rest is that it is entirely based on a mobile platform. The program is delivered in an real-life clinical environment on-site which gives trainees a more realistic experience for for quicker response in an actual situation.MEDNAXdeveloped and launched the simulation program in 2015 in attempt to emphasize the critical roles of patient safety and quality improvement initiatives.

The program is an interactive educational experience which was designed to complement the several safety initiatives offered by MEDNAX or other institutions. Simulations programs such as this one have shown significant improvement in patient outcome and enhanced safety performance, a lower rate in incidences of adverse events, and is an innovative take on mandated training evaluations.

“Simulation training is the future of practical medical education as it hones the skills that truly matter. MEDNAX has led the way in supporting a dedicated, professional simulation team and the hospitals we serve appreciate that commitment.” said Dr. Sean Coy, MEDNAX-affiliated anesthesiologist at Piedmont Hospital. He also emphasizes the effectiveness and value the MEDNAX simulation program has on team building, improving communication, building trust, and developing a deeper understanding.

In addition to the SSH’s accreditation, MEDNAX has also seen to attain other certifications which includes Health Simulation Educator (CHSE), Distinguished CHEST educator, and Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialists (CHSOS). Unlike most of the other 87 nationwide accredited simulation programs and 100 other global programs, they will offer the accredited program with a fully certified staff.

“We utilize the hospital’s equipment in their environment, which the staff are most comfortable with, together with our state-of-the-art training tools to create lifelike scenarios that build confidence and competence, enhance communication and teamwork, and help identify team leadership all for the goal of enhanced patient safety.” said Gary Smith, RN, BSN, Director of Simulation, MEDNAX “We are extremely proud of the SSH designation and the additional certifications our team has achieved in efforts to provide a simulation program of the utmost quality, and we look forward to bringing this valuable training technology to hospitals and practices nationwide,”

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MEDNAX, Inc. began 40 years ago as a neonatology group and has no become a comprehensive provider of health solutions. The company is responsible for providing services through a network of over 3,725 physicians. Through quality safety inticiatives, telemedicine, clinical research, and research-backed tools, MEDNAX and their associated physicians are improving and reshaping the way health care is delivered within each specialty. To learn more about MEDNAX, visit their website at

Source: BusinessWire