The Henry County Department of Public Safety have replaced their worn-out, hard to use, CPR devices for new CPR devices that will essentially help save countless lives.

The old CPR device, often referred to as “Thumper” by the department staff, will be replaced by five smaller devices with top of the line technology that will be much easier to use.

Advanced CPR Device

Unlike the old device and performing CPR on a human, the machine can hold effective chest compression for much longer. The device will additionally deliver a second type of compression that a human could not provide simultaneously.

Matt Tatum, department director, described this as, "a cummerbund-type device that wraps around the chest and squeezes the entire chest."

When CPR is performed while a patient is being transported on an ambulance, the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) has very limited capabilities. While it is better than proving no compression at all, the EMT must hold onto a bar for balance and has only the other hand to provide compressions.

The new devices will eliminate this problem all together. In many cases, the EMT will be allowed to remain seated while the machine performs CPR, reducing all chances of being injured while standing or performing in a moving ambulance.

As advanced as this new devices are, Tatum says CPR is a skill everyone should know how to perform.

The devices will take about four to six weeks to arrive and EMTs will begin online training as soon as they receive the software from the company who makes the devices.

EMTs will also have a hands-on training session for a few days prior to the devices being deployed.

Source: WSLS