TraumaFX, a division of Kforce Government Solutions (KGS) and a provider of human and canine medical training simulators, released the canine medical simulator K9 Diesel. Named in memory of the heroic canine who died in the line of duty following the 2015 Paris terror attacks, K9 Diesel was developed jointly with the U.S. Department of Defense. It offers 28 different features and medical intervention training modules for proper emergency training in different scenarios.

Building on the TraumaFX K9 Hero model released in 2016 that brought its rugged design and life-like skeleton to handlers and medics, K9 Diesel includes adjustable, realistic breathing; audio cues (four different sounds an injured dog makes); interchangeable limbs; packable axillary wounds; decompression for Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV) and realistic venous and arterial bleeding for hemorrhage control training.

The K9 Diesel can pre-program a training scenario which can be named and saved for future use. This allows instructors to focus on the techniques of the learner and the K9 simulator functions on its own during the exercise, capturing the results for review in a debrief.

K9 Diesel offers critical educational and skills development to prepare for different trauma scenarios that are ideal for police and federal working dog teams, universities, veterinary hospitals and civilian first responders. Some capabilities include a lifelike airway for intubation, tracheostomy, adjustable bilateral pulses, bilateral cephalic IV with flash cue, bilateral needle decompression, bilateral intraosseous infusion (tibial and humeral), GDV (bloat) decompression and CPR with mouth to snout resuscitation.