The Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF) is making its Shared Learning Network available to hospitals and healthcare organizations that formally commit to implementing patient safety processes that align with its 16 challenges and 31 Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS). The Shared Learning Network is a forum for representatives from committed hospitals to virtually interact with like-minded individuals. They can:

  • Connect with other representatives from PSMF committed hospitals from across 44 countries that have committed to the same APSS’.
  • Ask questions related to the implementation of an APSS in their respective institutions.
  • Share successful processes that have worked in their hospitals.
When a hospital makes a commitment around any one or more of the PSMF’s 31 APSS’, they will be automatically added to the affiliated forum(s). Only hospitals that have formally committed will have access to this network – providing an added value of partnering with the Patient Safety Movement Foundation.

Commitments are designed to show how individual hospitals or healthcare institutions are improving patient safety and reducing preventable death.