Aya Healthcare, a company that provides national healthcare staffing and workforce solutions with traveling clinicians, partnered with Health Scholars, a provider of experiential learning and simulation training for clinicians, to use Health Scholars’ screen-based virtual reality (VR) simulation course content to provide continuing education to its travel nurses.

Health Scholars says its blended learning platform improves the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical education with interactive patient safety and nurse productivity content. Aya will use the program’s quality analysis tools to track performance, identify vulnerabilities and suggest customized and targeted training content for its nurses, which, it says will educate the disseminated clinicians with alternative methods to on-line and hands-on training and improve their assignment productivity.

"As the healthcare industry evolves, innovative education is imperative so we can provide the most educated, well-rounded travelers for our clients," said Aya Healthcare President and CEO, Alan Braynin.

Health Scholars’ Chief Commercial Officer, Cole Sandau says, "By partnering with Aya, Health Scholars gains access to a wide variety of clinical resources and 'in the field' perspectives to better inform our product development cycles and align our solutions to customer needs.”