MTM subscribers nominated 33 individuals, teams or organizations from around the world as Patient Safety Advocates.

For our first edition of 2019 we asked our subscribers to nominate patient safety advocates they felt had contributed to increased patient safety and better patient outcomes. They could specify an individual, team, or organization. We were gratified by the response but lacked contact information for some of those nominated, or in some instances, those nominated had already been featured in one of our Change Agent issues. The responses were from around the world but due to the time pressure and the holiday season some of the nominations will be featured in upcoming editions, in our Newsletter or in our digital edition.

From left to right: Robert Amyot, President, CAE Healthcare; Joe Kiani, CEO of Masimo and founder of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation and Tore Laerdal, Chairman and CEO of Laerdal Medical.
From left to right: Robert Amyot, President, CAE Healthcare; Joe Kiani, CEO of Masimo and founder of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation and Tore Laerdal, Chairman and CEO of Laerdal Medical.

We are featuring nine of the nominees whose pictures appear on the cover and they describe their approaches and contributions and share their information in this edition.

Three of the nominees already featured were Robert Amyot, President, CAE Healthcare, Joe Kiani, CEO of Masimo and founder of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation and Tore Laerdal, MSc. Chairman and CEO of Laerdal Medical, executive Chairman of Laerdal Global Health and executive director of Laerdal Foundation.

Dr. Robert Amyot, President of CAE Healthcare, was inducted into the National Center for Simulation Hall of Fame in 2015, recognized for his contribution to healthcare simulation. Throughout his career, Dr. Amyot has relentlessly pursued a vision of safer healthcare through simulation.

A native of Montreal, Dr. Amyot obtained his medical degree from the University of Montreal and is certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the American Board of Internal Medicine. Dr. Amyot is a practitioner, researcher and was associate professor of medicine at the University of Montreal, where he taught clinical cardiology and echocardiography. He partnered to develop the virtual reality Vimedix ultrasound simulator and obtained a patent for its technology.

Following several years as an entrepreneur, Dr. Amyot sold his company to CAE Healthcare where he became Chief Medical Officer, and President. Today, he is promoting simulation‐based training standards and ongoing competency assessment for clinicians with medical societies and associations. CAE Healthcare offers cutting edge learning tools to healthcare students and professionals, allowing practical experience through risk-free simulation training.

Joe Kiani, founder, chairman & CEO, Masimo, is a global medical technology innovator. Joe has been a beacon for patient safety and innovation in healthcare for more than 25 years. Convinced that the use of adaptive signal processing could solve the problems of motion artifact and noise that plagued pulse oximetry - widely recognized as the fifth vital sign - he founded Masimo in 1989 to improve patient outcome and reduce the cost of care by taking non-invasive monitoring to new sites and applications. Mr. Kiani founded the Patient Safety Movement Foundation in 2012 and the World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit.

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF) has the goal of eliminating preventable deaths by 2020 in the US, and to significantly reduce preventable deaths in hospitals worldwide. Under Mr. Kiani’s leadership, the Patient Safety Movement Foundation has been able to get over 100 companies to make the pledge to share their data with whoever can use it to make patients safer. Patient Safety Movement is expecting the data sharing pledges will help create a new ecosystem of predictive algorithms, tapping into the individual patient data superhighway, to help clinicians save more lives. In addition, over a dozen Actionable Patient Safety Solutions have been created to help hospitals implement processes to avoid human errors becoming fatal to patients.

Tore Lærdal was conferred as a Knight of the First Class Royal Norwegian Order of Merit for his many years of humanitarian service. This royal honour was bestowed in recognition of his efforts to reduce maternal and newborn mortality in low resource countries. In recent years he has focused on helping reduce maternal and newborn mortality by providing mothers and babies through the Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) project. He received the Neonatal Pioneer Award for his contributions to the health and well being of newborns and infants and in 2017 Tore received the first European EMS Award for his personal and exceptional dedication and commitment to save lives and to improve emergency care by supporting a scientific approach to care, by developing education and by supporting implementation internationally, including the EMS Leadership Network. Tore Laerdal continues the tradition supporting the international Utstein meetings and recently he was a key figure in establishing the Global Resuscitation Alliance.

Laerdal Medical is the globally leading supplier of patient simulators and an alliance partner with the National League of Nursing to improve patient care and safety. Laerdal Global Health has partnered with USAID, NIH, Save the Children, the American Academy of Pediatrics and others in the Helping Babies Breathe alliance and the Survive & Thrive alliance. 

Originally published in Issue 1, 2019 of MT Magazine.