With a new multimedia toolkit, Boston Medical Center (BMC) aims to make learning about patient safety in the hospital setting more concrete, relevant and accessible to as wide an audience as possible.

The toolkit, OK to Proceed? What Every Healthcare Provider Should Know About Patient Safety, is anchored by an illustrated book that addresses contributing factors and downstream impacts of patient safety. But with a flexible format and accompanying videos, its creators hope it will be appropriate and useful for people with different learning styles and levels of experience, including patients.

Recognizing that “we have a new generation of learners who are accustomed to succinct, media-rich materials,” Rafael Ortega, M.D., co-editor of the toolkit and chair of Anesthesiology and professor at BMC and Boston University School of Medicine, explains that learners can use elements of the toolkit at their own pace, tailored to their needs, from first-year medical students to teams of practicing clinicians and others interested in patient safety. Interdisciplinary collaboration was also a guiding principle for the project, which had more than 90 contributors.

It consists of a 350-page paperback text with numerous illustrations and QR codes that link to animations and video case studies. Some elements are also available on a dedicated website, where the full toolkit may be purchased. Each of the book’s 52 chapters is being released on the website, one per week, through 2019 in a series called Weekly Dose.