In an article on HealthcareITNews, Cathy Lester, Health Outcomes Innovation, Verizon Enterprise Solutions, champions for telemedicine solutions in disaster response efforts. 

Lester writes: “Some of the biggest challenges to widespread adoption and use of telemedicine in disaster response are associated with scale and activation – for example, activating medical practitioners during the response-and-recovery effort.

“In the aftermath of the 2017 hurricanes, imagine if the state of Texas could have utilized some kind of emergency virtual health activation platform – a combination of distributed ledger technology, virtual care platform and a self-activation portal. Such a platform would have the potential to deliver the benefits of advanced virtual care in disaster scenarios. It would provide a seamless, standardized interface to promote self-activation of healthcare providers powered by advanced security and allowing for on-demand credential verification and reporting. With such a platform, would we have affected patient outcomes? Could we have supported any Americans impacted by disasters in 2018?” Read more.