3D Systems’ PELVIC Mentor advanced simulator provides hands-on anatomy and pelvic exam training. It allows nurses, nurse practitioners, doctorate of nursing programs, certified nurse midwives, OB/GYNs, family practice doctors, physician assistants, medical students and physician assistant learners to obtain detailed knowledge of pelvic anatomy and to acquire the comprehensive skills required to perform pelvic exams.

The PELVIC Mentor provides trainees with immediate feedback on anatomical recognition and the opportunity to practice pelvic exams accurately.  The combination of the model’s anatomical structure, finger sensation and virtual model provide an effective training tool aimed at developing physician confidence during pelvic examination.

Some other systems (and standardized patients) show what normal anatomy is like, but the PELVIC Mentor shows different pathologies.  These abnormal uteri are critical as some of these conditions are life-threatening and are important to identify.

The simulator is very realistic with accurate anatomy identification, the company says, and is easy for learners to use on their own. It uses a female mannequin with interchangeable anatomies to simulate multiple pathologies.