The American Academy of Thermology (AAT) has announced that it will be holding a Physician Thermography Interpretation Course on September 6, 2019.

The course, which will take place the day before AAT’s 2019 Annual Meeting & Scientific Session at the Emory University Conference Center in Atlanta, Georgia, will provide participants with a brief didactic review of:

  • Clinical Objective Criteria for Related NMSK Disorders
  • Vasomotor Mapping and Differential Diagnosis for NMSK Conditions
  • Sympathetic Skin Response Generators Studies and RSD Lookalikes
  • AAT Clinical Guidelines for the Use and Applications of NMSK Thermography
  • Breast Thermography as Risk Health Assessment
  • AAT Clinical Guidelines on Breast Thermography
  • Thermography Applications in Oral Systemic Disorders
  • AAT Clinical Guidelines on Oral-Systemic Thermography
  • NMSK, Breast, and Oral-Systemic Thermographic Test Protocols
  • Thermographic Report Format and Content
  • Thermographic Findings, Thermographic Impressions, and Clinical Impressions for NMSK Studies, Breast Studies, and Oral-Systemic Studies, respectively
  • Administrative and Office Based Thermography Issues

Participants will also receive resource materials including articles, publications, journals and a certificate of participation.