SonoSim has released its new FoCUS – Part II Advanced Clinical module, which explores the use of focused cardiac ultrasound to detect and assess valvular heart disease (i.e., aortic, mitral, tricuspid, and pulmonary valvulopathy). Lessons cover ideal echocardiographic windows for approaching both valvular-regurgitant and stenotic disorders.

Standard and advanced cardiac imaging windows (e.g., suprasternal) and imaging views, including apical two-chamber, apical three-chamber, RVIT, and RVOT views, are described. The use of color-flow, pulsed-wave, and continuous-wave Doppler for evaluating valvular pathology is explained.

In-module questions further develop a user’s understanding, and a final mastery test will assess didactic knowledge. The SonoSimulator will help users develop the requisite hands-on psychomotor skills and cognitive task awareness required to use focused cardiac ultrasound to identify and assess valvular pathology.

The SonoSimulator helps develop and maintain the critical psychomotor and visuospatial skills that are necessary for assessing valvular pathology and performing echocardiography. The FoCUS – Part II: Advanced Clinical Module provides the opportunity to virtually scan real-patient ultrasound cases comprising a spectrum of pathologic cardiac cases featuring valvular pathology.

Cases include aortic valve regurgitation with bicuspid aortic valve, moderate aortic valve regurgitation and mild pulmonic valve regurgitation, severe aortic stenosis, prosthetic mitral valve, and more.