Focused on giving students hands-on, real-life experience in a clinical setting, Carroll University has captured thousands of video lectures and course work with Mediasite to serve as valuable study and self-review tools.  

The 38,200-square-foot Doug and Nancy Hastad Hall opened last year on the university’s Waukesha, Wisconsin, campus and includes five simulation rooms with medical manikins. Students work in teams in these rooms, practicing their communication skills while caring for the robotic patients. The rooms have adjoining control and observatory areas for their instructors and peers, a central lecture space, debriefing pods and a large exam room with 20 beds. All activity in this learning space is live streamed simultaneously and securely with Mediasite to other students and made available on-demand for self-evaluation and critique with their instructor.  

“Having Mediasite videos from simulation labs helps our students to learn and grow tremendously. Not only does it allow peers to observe the simulation in real time from any location, but afterwards the instructor can point to a video and give constructive feedback about how to improve their care,” said Boyang Wang, Media Services manager, Carroll University. “In the simulation rooms during exam time, we easily record and monitor as many as 75 videos in two hours from a central location.”  

The university has used Mediasite for video capture and management since 2014. In addition to capturing the simulation-based learning, instructors can schedule recordings for automated lecture capture in their classrooms or start an ad-hoc recording with the simple push of a button. All faculty and students have access to the desktop software capture tool My Mediasite, which allows them to record, edit and share video lessons and homework assignments directly from their personal devices. The Mediasite RL Mini portable device captures professional development sessions in the faculty training center. 

All Mediasite videos are automatically and securely published into the university’s Canvas learning management system and are hosted in Mediasite Video Cloud.  

The university is creating prolific amounts of video learning content. The addition of the personal capture tool My Mediasite to the university’s suite of Mediasite solutions has led to exponential growth in user-generated videos.