Prytime Medical Devices Inc., announced the launch of the Prytime Medical STAAR (Simulation Trainer for Arterial Access and REBOA). During hemorrhage control, time and survival are closely related. Therefore, arterial access and catheter placement training is essential to improve speed and precision; this is an important part of any ER-REBOA program.

“Simulation training has become a critically important tool for surgical skills training, particularly with procedures such as REBOA, said Dr. Bradley Dennis, associate professor of Surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

“Advancements in simulation technology have permitted surgical teams to learn, practice and improve their skills for use in real-life situations. They now have the ability to teach ultrasound-guided common femoral artery (CFA) cannulation on simulators with pulsatile perfusion designed specifically for REBOA training.”

The Prytime Medical STAAR consists of a pulsatile flow loop that simulates a patient’s blood pressure and flow, as well as an ultrasound compatible access patch to visualize key anatomy such as the common femoral artery for arterial access training. This state-of-the-art simulator allows surgeons/interventionalists, nurses, and technicians the ability to learn and master critical skills to improve procedural efficiency and outcomes.

The Prytime Medical STAAR will be used in many on-going training programs, including: ACS COT BEST Courses and Workshops, The RAPToR Course, EVTM Workshops, Denver Health’s Advanced Endovascular Skills for Trauma Surgeons, and the Vanderbilt Fellows Program.