In May of 2019, Unitek College held a week of training sessions at their Fremont Campus. These events ran all day and consisted of 25-minute simulations with different staff members. Known as Pediatric Mock Code Training, the exercises took place within Unitek’s Fremont Simulation Center. The goal was to provide nurses with an opportunity to engage in multidisciplinary practice through a safe, controlled environment.

At Unitek’s Fremont Campus, 45 pediatric nurses completed training modules. These professionals came from two facilities in the Children’s Health of Northern California network: the Children’s Recovery Center and the Saratoga Pediatric Sub-Acute Center. The training featured pediatric-code scenarios performed on a high fidelity SimBaby mannequin. Their primary objectives included improvement in confidence, comfort level, resuscitation skills, and teamwork.

Research has shown that communication breakdowns frequently occur in both mock codes and real-resuscitation efforts. These difficulties can cause delays or errors in the delivery of life-saving interventions. However, simulation training allows nurses to hone their skills without fear of patient injury. Because mock codes typically include a collaborative approach, they can prepare healthcare professionals for real-life scenarios, improving the quality of patient care overall.

A few days after the week of simulation modules, a code occurred in a hospital with an actual pediatric patient. During this emergency, nurses who completed mock-code training were able to effectively collaborate and provide competent, safe care in a timely manner, resulting in a positive patient outcome. After witnessing these results, Unitek’s clinical partners requested additional training for their staff.