Friday Night at the ER is hosting an experiential workshop featuring its simulation game from November 6-7 at Villanova University.

The workshop begins with the Friday Night at the ER game, which is set in a hospital, but works for all industries. In teams of four, players will manage a spike in demand, uneven workloads, unexpected events and limited resources all while trying to provide quality care at a reasonable cost.

The simulation teaches key principles of systems thinking and serves as a practice field for applying three core strategies to improve system performance. In the debrief, attendees can explore how the lessons translate to their own work and learn concrete ways to make positive, sustainable change.

On the second day, attendees have the option to attend facilitator training and learn how to use Friday Night at the ER on their own for potential use within their organizations.

The simulation can be used for leadership development, process improvement, performance intervention, culture change, and team building. It can teach players systems thinking, cross-functional collaboration, critical thinking and decisions, openness to new practices, and flow and resource management.