3D Systems has released the new Neck Module for U/S Mentor, which includes procedural tasks/clinical cases for diagnostic neck U/S examination training using a designated linear probe.

The module for the U/S Mentor provides hands-on training of neck ultrasound examination. It incorporates hands-on procedural tasks and virtual patient clinical cases, accompanied by comprehensive educational aids. It features a new designated linear probe, reverberation artifacts behind the trachea wall, and pulsation of common carotid arteries.

The tasks include self-guided step-by-step neck scanning protocols (Thyroid and Advanced Measurements). Virtual patient cases will challenge the learner to independently scan, recognize relevant structures, document and reach a diagnosis. The cases are aimed at training in technical and clinical aspects of the examination.

Scenarios include varying diagnostic complexities and such as a healthy patient, suspicious, benign and malignant thyroid nodule as well as carotid artery stenosis and dissection.