ImmersiveTouch announced a strategic commercial expansion into the neurosurgery market. As part of this expansion, ImmersiveTouch has also announced a co-marketing collaboration with Zimmer Biomet’s Craniomaxillofacial (CMF) business. The collaboration gives Zimmer Biomet’s surgeons access to ImmersiveTouch’s virtual reality (VR) surgical tools to streamline the viewing, planning and simulating of interventional procedures utilizing Zimmer Biomet’s plating and fixation solutions.

ImmersiveTouch’s product offering, the ImmersiveView suite of products, is focused on VR software products that allow surgeons to view, plan and simulate surgical procedures. The technology renders CT/MRI data into an immersive 3D, interactive VR reconstruction of the patient’s anatomy. By using virtual reality, surgeons can rehearse less invasive, patient-specific approaches in procedures.

Zimmer Biomet delivers devices focused on helping surgeons in treating the cranium, mandibular and maxillofacial skeleton and encompasses a number of essentials for CMF surgery including implants, instruments, e-tools and specialized patient-matched services to support clinicians, patients and hospitals.

“The power of ImmersiveView is akin to having a GPS system on an unmapped road. Several times I have used it on panfacial fractures, gaining the ability to see in the OR what was not previously seen prior to surgery,” said Dr. Russell Reid, plastic surgeon at the University of Chicago.