SynDaver announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued U.S. Patent 10,424,226 for the company’s wearable chest tube skills training device.

The patent, which was issued in September, provides protections for the design and manufacturing of SynDaver’s Wearable Chest Tube Skills Trainer. The device is a wearable medical training simulator used to train students to develop skills associated with chest tube placement, which involves inserting a flexible tube into the pleural cavity to drain air, blood, bile, pus or other fluids. This procedure is also known as tube thoracostomy.

Designed to be worn by a patient actor around their upper body, the device is made with an inner protective shield and an outer layer of SynDaver’s synthetic tissues, called SynTissue, to ensure realism in thoracostomy training. Students using the device experience the realistic haptic feedback consistent with a live patient, including appropriate frictional values and puncture resistance.

SynDaver has been awarded 15 U.S. patents since its inception. The company also received a patent for its cricothyroidotomy and nasogastric intubation simulation technology this past July.

The Wearable Chest Tube Skills Trainer weighs five pounds and is small enough to be fitted under a patient actor’s normal clothing. The device simulates a portion of the thorax and includes a combination of highly realistic soft tissues and bone structures backed by ballistics-quality armor to prevent injury to the patient actor.

The trainer is used to enhance simulated exercises for a variety of medical professions, including emergency medical technologists, field medics, flight medics, naval medics, paramedics, first responders, emergency physicians and nurses.