UFA, Inc. has enhanced US Air Force T-1A operational flight trainers (OFTs) with the company's ATWorld Interactive Air Traffic Environment solution.

Working with L-3 Link Simulation & Training, the T-1A Ground-Based Training System prime contractor, UFA integrated ATWorld on T-1A Ground-Based Training System simulators and the program's Pilot Instructor Training (PIT) syllabus.

During crew training sessions, ATWorld dynamically and autonomously simulates an Air Traffic Control (ATC) environment, including background air and ground traffic, contextually correct multi-frequency radio communications and a virtual air traffic controller. The crew interacts with the virtual air traffic controller using UFA’s ATVoice® voice recognition and response product. T-1A crew training sessions can now focus on increasing situational awareness, standard and effective communications with ATC and operating in a congested ATC environment.