Saab has received three orders from the US Army Program Executive Office of Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation (PEO STRI).

Saab will now provide OSAG 2.0 interoperability upgrades for the US 7th ATC's Deployable Instrumentation System - Europe (DISE) and the Combat Vehicle Tactical Engagement Simulation System (CVTESS) to meet US Army and European forward deployment interoperability requirements.

These new orders, implemented as Mid-Life Service Upgrades, deliver a first of its kind fully interoperable solution to the customer. They will enable soldiers to quickly configure training system lasers to operate using either MILES Communication Code (MCC), primarily used in US training environments or the OSAG 2.0 standard, used by most nations in Europe, for training engagements in any theatre and together with multinational units. OSAG 2.0 is a software code originally developed by Saab that enables true ballistic simulation of ammunition used in anti-tank and vehicle weapons when firing with laser transmitters.

In addition to the OSAG 2.0 upgrade of the DISE infantry systems, Saab will also deliver OSAG 2.0 enabled CVTESS capability for the M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank, the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle and brackets for OPFOR vehicles.

Originally delivered in 2001 for up to Battalion sized training, DISE provides deployable instrumented Live Training capability consisting of Tactical Engagement Simulation System lasers and detectors, exercise control (EXCON), battle tracking, data collection and rapid After Action Review (AAR) capability for Live Training events.

Based in Grafenwoehr, Germany, the upgraded DISE capability will be deployed throughout Europe supporting Training Support Activity Europe (TSAE) for Joint and Multinational forces.