Bagira's full MAGNET system, including MAGNET adaptation for Galil assault rifle and anti-tank rocket Panzerfaust 3, has been delivered to the Peruvian army, accompanied by one year of operational and maintenance service, as part of Bagira's focus on the mission readiness of its customers.

The MAGNET, an infantry tactical weapon training system, simulates the use of a real weapon regardless of location, without using neither real nor blank ammunition and with no safety limitations. Based on laser technology, the MAGNET system offers the ability to control, manage, and monitor the trainees while providing advanced After Action Review (AAR) capabilities through state of the art technology.

The system is controlled by a specially tailored Instructor Field App (IFA). This Android based app is easy to use and an efficient solution for the training cycle, in which the users can also bring trainees "back to life", "re-supply" trainees ammunition, and send voice messages to a specific trainee or to all trainees. In addition, the app supports advanced documentation abilities including videos, pictures, notes, and voice recordings and allows the production of a detailed review at the end of each training session.

Bagira Systems will be exhibiting the MAGNET system in booth 31 at ITEC 2017, taking place in Rotterdam, May 16-18.