Saab has launched BattleTek 5, an immersed command and staff training system, at ITEC in Rotterdam Ahoy, Netherlands.

BattleTek 5 is a constructive simulation system designed to make the work of military commanders and civil security leaders more efficient and effective.

It combines constructive simulation and virtual-view technology to train and rehearse complex defence and security scenarios, in any environment, at the fraction of the cost of a regular training exercise.

By using BattleTek 5, the training is limited to those who need it - commanders and officers. They are trained on the use of the system over a few hours, and then immersed in various extreme scenarios over two to three days.

"BattleTek 5 significantly cuts down what can usually be a ten-day mission to a fraction of the time. Trainees not only gain applied experience in a virtual environment, but also build confidence in particular situations," said JC van Schalkwyk, executive manager of Product Unit Training and Simulation at Saab Grintek Defence.

The commander can direct simulated forces and view the virtual representation using Oculus Rift virtual glasses.