Cubic Global Defense has announced the expansion of recruitment efforts for its Orlando, Florida operations to support the development of advanced learning products and solutions for the US Navy.

During the past few months, Cubic has been awarded more than $12 million for the creation and delivery of immersive game-based courseware for the Littoral Combat Ship. Cubic's Immersive Virtual Shipboard Environment (IVSE) capabilities are considered to be in direct alignment with US Navy's Ready Relevant Learning initiative.

Cubic's IVSE is an advanced learning product for the Littoral Combat Ship training program that puts trainees in a photo-realistic, 3D environment to teach various tasks in settings that are virtually identical to real-life scenarios. To sustain the expansion of the courseware, Cubic expects to recruit a large number of positions including learning scientists, instructional designers, game producers, game developers and software engineers.

"Our recruiting efforts will allow us to add more talented individuals to our team," said Ray Oliver, general manager of Orlando operations, Cubic Global Defense. "We look forward to helping create new jobs and meaningful opportunities for the Orlando community."