Défense Conseil International (DCI), the reference operator of the French Ministry of Defence for the transfer of military know-how to international partners, is currently preparing 16 Saudi cadets - two classes of eight trainees - at its International Academic and Aeronautical Training Centre (CIF-AA). They will subsequently attend French military academies, where they will follow the same training as French officer cadets.

This preparation and the training in French military schools are part of the defence cooperation between the two countries. At the CIF-AA and in partnership with the French Air Force Academy, DCI offers a 2-year academic and military preparation based on the excellence of the competences of the French Air Force. The two years of training comprises French language classes, plus military and sports training.

At the end of this preparatory period, foreign student officers have two options, enter the Saint-Cyr Military Academy or follow the French Air Force Academy and Aix-Marseille University, via the CLEA (Air Force Academy Bachelor programme, in French) or the CIEA (Air Force Academy International Programme, in English).