Indra developed the Full Flight Simulator (FFS) EC135 Helicopter Simulator for Spain’s army.

This was developed as part of the Spanish Directorate General of Armament and Equipment program, addressing army pilot training requirements for the highest certification, CS-FSTD(H) level D, making EC135 Simulator is the first helicopter simulator certified by the National Aerial Safety Agency (AESA) to reach level D in Spain.

The new system was installed at the Army’s Helicopter Simulation Center (CESIFAMET) at the Coronel Maté Army Base.

The system can replicate complex maneuvers and procedures that cannot be safely performed in a real aircraft, operate with night or day mode, simulator any weather type, and perform instrumental flights where the pilots only guidance is from the navigation instruments onboard.

Beyond attaining the highest AESA certification, this simulator will increase practical training hours for pilots, accelerate their training and decrease training costs.

Indra has been working with DGAM and the Spanish Army on their simulation center since 1999, previously delivering FFS and trainers for the CH-47D Chinook, Cougar AS532/AS332 and Tiger EC665 helicopters.