Babcock and BMT signed a cooperation agreement that outlined a partnership between the two companies to design, build, construct and support future classes of Surface Ships for the UK Ministry of Defence and other international projects.

“Babcock and BMT will work closely together to create a strong design alliance at what is an exciting time within the UK and International ship design and build,” said Craig Lockhart, Babcock managing director – naval marine.

To start off, the companies’ primary focus is on the recently announced Type31e program, presenting a combined bid on the frigate.

“This is the beginning of a deeper strategic relationship with Babcock founded on many years of working together successfully both with the Royal Navy and navies around the globe,” said BMT Managing Director for Defence, Jeremy Berwick. “The T31e program is the catalyst where excellence of design, innovation and certainty of delivery combine to offer a highly credible contender for the Royal Navy's next warship. The agreement will provide a strong basis for understanding and serving the different needs of many other navies.”

The companies will pull on their combined experience to explore available designs and determine the best possible option that meets the cost, capability and delivery requirements of the Royal Navy.