Next month comes the Military Flight Training Conference Eastern Europe, taking place Dec. 12-14 in Budapest, Hungary.

The conference will feature a variety of perspectives on the future of training and simulation, with panels and speakers featuring the leaders of flight training in the region, including:

  • Lieutenant General Arkadiy Vashutin, Deputy Air Force Commander, Ukrainian Air Force
  • Brigadier General Petyo Mirchev, Deputy Air Force Commander, Bulgarian Air Force
  • Colonel Dainius Guzas, Air Force Commander, Lithuanian Air Force
  • Colonel Jaroslaw Mika, Chief of Combat Training, Czech Air Force
  • Colonel Wojciech Pikula, Commander of the 4th Flying Training Wing, Polish Air Force
There are many other opportunities to learn and grow training programs and maximize fleet readiness through high-level briefings from leading training commands and solution providers, speak with senior decision-makers from the Hungarian Air Force, methods to improve interoperability, decrease flight training costs, and more.

A full agenda of the conference can be found on the official conference website here.