At the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) taking place next week in Orlando, Florida, NMSG will be showcasing the efforts of the MSG activities on the NATO booth (#2161).

Demonstrations on the NATO booth will include:

  • C2 and Simulation Systems Interoperability. The demonstration will address C2SIM TDL use case and the sandbox. C2SIM sandbox will be a persistent Virtual Private Network environment to test and demonstrate C2 and simulation systems implementing C-BML (Coalition Battle Management Language), MSDL (Military Scenario Definition Language) and (when available) thenew C2SIM draft standard for maneuver warfare.
  • M&S for supporting life cycle of Autonomous Systems. This demonstration shows the capabilities of using a distributed M&S framework to test and train the autonomous engines used in an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle.
  • M&S as a Service (MSaaS). Through a series of six demonstration NMSG will show MSaaS is capable to deliver simulation wherever needed.
  • M&S Support to Crisis and Disasters Management. This demonstration will show a proposal technical platform capable of supporting and conducting crisis management and disaster response exercises, analysis and preparatory training, and to test the ability of some existing simulation tools to simulate disasters.