The U.S. Department of Defense contracted the non-profit, National Security Technology Accelerator (NSTXL), to help launch a new Training and Readiness Accelerator (TREX) in a five-year contract.

The program was announced at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulations and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) 2017 in Orlando, Florida. The goal public-private partnership is to cut down the time it takes to identify, test and delivery technology between the non-defense and defense sectors of simulation.

Brig. Gen. William Cole, the program executive officer at PEO STRI, said to UPI that TREX provides the government with a streamlined platform to refine technology that is critical to training and readiness.

"TREX will enable us to quickly get prototypes into the hands of soldiers for user feedback. This will better inform future material requirements, reduce development risk and expedite procurement of crucial technologies," said Cole.

Projects are set to begin in January 2018.