The UK Ministry of Defence has approved a two-year extension on its Joint Warfare Support contract with MASS.

 The £10 million ($13.3m USD) contract begins in April 2018, continuing MASS’s training and exercise support to the MOD’s Joint Forces Command. It includes provisions to develop a comprehensive scenario scripting capability and to design, install and deliver exercise planning and management communications information systems.

Through the Joint Warfare Support Team (JWST), MASS will continue to provide Contingent Capability Reporting and Standards system, exercise mentoring and reporting as well as a Defence Exercise Planning tool.

Members of the Joint Warfare and Planning team said the MASS-led Joint Warfare Support Team provide critical support to Joint Warfare, assisting the delivery of Tier 3 Combined Joint Task Force level exercises.

The contract has been secured until April 2020, at which point the follow-on contract Joint Command and Staff Training (JCAST) is due to be in place.