Orlando-based Serious Simulations has been awarded a research and development contract with Melbourne-based Aeronyde Corporation to produce a wireless augmented reality (AR) head mounted display as part of key control technology for unmanned and robotic aerial vehicles.

Under this contract, Serious Simulations will use its current and soon-to-be-announced patented wireless video techniques for the custom design of a series of wireless augmented reality headsets. The first prototype is expected to be ready by the end of the year.

Aeronyde Corp, a privately funded start-up in the Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) sector, sought out Serious Simulations for this project due to the company's extensive experience in wireless virtual reality technology. Aeronyde's intent is to shift Command and Control models for UAS to AR-based devices. Aeronyde UAV fleet supervisors and end-users (emergency responders) will be immersed into an innovative human-machine interaction platform. Emergency responders and DoD personnel will have access to live video stream for enhanced situational awareness, real-time autonomous asset management and on-the-go fleet voice-control, supplemented by Aeronyde remote fleet supervisors for precision maneuvering. Serious Simulations' patented wireless video technology has been enabling commercial virtual reality head mounted displays to shed their tethers without increasing the negative effects of latency.

For Serious Simulations, which has several contracts for military simulator hardware, this new contract represents another entry point into commercial uses for its technology.

"Augmented reality device adoption rates for military, commercial, and entertainment purposes are generally predicted to far outpace the growth of virtual reality devices, so this wireless AR headset helps us to  make a bold step into that market. This will be a terrific leap forward in visualization of a variety of data," said Christopher Chambers, CEO and founder of Serious Simulations. "We expect that our work will help to expand the use of AR technology across the board. This is a terrific opportunity to collaborate with Aeronyde Corporation in pioneering this young industry."