Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim), a developer of military simulation and training software; reached an agreement with Pitch Technologies, a supplier of commercial tools and services; to bundle Pitch Talk with BISim's desktop training software products starting with VBS3. VBS3 is a desktop training package based on commercial video game technology. VBS Radio will be upgraded to use Pitch Talk as its underlying technology and a separate stand-alone variant will be available.

Pitch Talk is a communications framework that supports a range of distributed simulation  applications, from pilot and crew to theater-level command and control training. Pitch Talk enables high-fidelity simulation with unlimited channels of radio, intercom, audio and chat; making it easy to design, centrally manage and deploy exercises. It includes an effects server architecture for realistic radio and audio effects based on VBS3 terrain.

VBS Radio provides simulated radio and voice communications for VBS3. The upgraded version based on Pitch Talk is planned for release with VBS3 in late 2018. All current VBS Radio features will be supported in addition to new capability resulting from the Pitch Talk integration.