KBRwyle, part of KBR Inc., won a five-year U.S. Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD) contract to provide annual centrifuge-based training for all U.S. Navy and Marine Corps aircrew, including approximately 600 students from the Blue Angels, Chief of Naval Air Training, Naval Strike Air Warfare Center and the Chief of Naval Air Forces and Marine Corps.

KBRwyle’s instructors will teach students about the physiological effects of acceleration and countermeasures used in a high-G environment, and provide classroom instruction and hands-on training in the company-operated centrifuge that generates acceleration forces equivalent to those experienced during flight.

Most of the training will take place at KBRwyle’s San Antonio, Texas facility where the company will provide the personnel, resources, facilities and maintenance for the training, and it will also support routine Navy inspections to ensure the safety of its operations.

In 2013, KBRwyle won the previous Navy contract to supply high-G flight training. The company performs similar training for Air Force fighter pilots and combat systems officers.

KBRwyle operates multiple specialized test facilities dedicated to the research, development and test and evaluation of critically important human performance issues and life support equipment.