Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc. won a Task Order (TO) from KBR Wyle for an additional year of UH-1N Aerial Gunnery Simulation Training for the U.S. Air Force at the Kratos Aircrew Training Center in Orlando, Florida.

Kratos has been conducting Aerial Gunnery Training (AGT) for Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC) Special Mission Aviators since 2017, and trains aircrews with the latest technologies and simulation systems to help them with mission readiness.

Kratos says the Aircrew Training Center’s full-mission simulators provide a cost-effective solution by minimizing lifecycle expenses associated with simulator ownership while maintaining training quality.

“Virtual reality is a proven training alternative to live training,” says Jose Diaz, Senior Vice President, Kratos Training Solutions. “High-fidelity simulation systems can cost millions of dollars to own and sustain. When budget or time constraints prevent acquisition of such systems, the Kratos Aircrew Training Center can provide aircrew members with crew coordination, rescue hoist, and cargo sling operations, as well as AGT training, equivalent to what they would have received on their own simulator or aircraft while maximizing training budgets and increasing readiness.”