Rheinmetall transferred a new nautical training facility to the German Navy School in Mürwik on the Baltic. The facility will be used by the German Navy for training its bridge personnel, and the German Federal Police will also use the facility.

The system–known as the “Ausbildungsausstattung Nautische Schiffsführung,” or AANS–will be used for training all German Navy cadets, and future watch officers, and for preparing bridge personnel for nautical operations. The capability spectrum ranges from basic navigation and nautical training to crew resource management, helping bridge teams prepare for operations.

The AANS includes two large and four small bridge simulators, six trainer stations, an auditorium for post-operation briefings, as well as additional infrastructure for planning exercises and administrating and updating the database. Every surface combatant now in the German inventory–from minesweepers to supply ships–is modelled in the system. This applies not only to the physical depiction of various ships and boats, but also to their exact performance characteristics. In addition, numerous German and NATO maritime training areas are replicated, as are current and potential areas of operation.