Survitec will introduce two new protective suits for chemical, biological and radioactive (CBR) environments at IDEX, which takes place in Abu Dhabi from 17– 21 February.

The DEMRON ICE suit incorporates patented nanotechnology to protect against low-level gamma radiation. Studies carried out by Lawrence Livermore National Defence Laboratory show that the suit provides at least 50 percent shielding of gamma rays of up to 130Kev. Manufactured from liquid metal particles, the DEMRON fabric has a high-thermal conductivity and cools the wearer down on the inside of the garment as heat transfers through the fabric.

The second suit being is the NormMb suit. Combining carbon and membrane technologies, the hybrid suit has been designed for use in chemical/biological scenarios and protects against traditional warfare agents, such as mustard gas. One of the benefits of the hybrid system, it says, is that liquid threats are defeated in accordance with NATO standards. Designed for land-forces, the suit uses a material that contains filters equipped with spherical activated carbon, as well as air, water and gas treatment filters. It is highly air permeable and adsorbent, washable and resistant to seawater.